Cross Promos has provided superior service to its customers for over 65 years. Its innovative, feature-packed, highest quality desktop calendars have become synonymous with promoting customer identity and a unique branding presence all year long. We enhance value to customers by providing a vast array of promotional product solutions. Cross Promos is ready, willing and able to assist you in developing an unmatched presence in your target markets and focusing on your specific prospects and customers.


Cross Promos is dedicated to creating and implementing an innovative corporate concept of linked prosperity in its product, social and economic missions.

Product Mission: Cross Promos strives to provide its customers with the highest level of service and the finest quality calendars and promotional products matched to strategic branding and identity needs.

Social Mission: Cross Promos is committed to actively recognize the major role business plays in society by implementing innovative ways to improve quality of life.

Economic Mission: Cross Promos recognizes it must achieve its Product and Social Missions by operating on a sound financial basis of profitable growth to increase value for our shareholders and customers while creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.